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May 20, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
Dear all,

Here's a nice little conspiracy for you, concerning the allegations of corruption in the oil for food program.

Now it's a little complicated so bear with me.

"The major part of the transactions where graft, misuse [and] kickbacks were involved by-passed United Nations officials," he told the BBC Today programme. He said these transactions were extremely complex, and negotiated between the Iraqi government and suppliers' (Hans von Sponeck)

The essence of it is that money was...
May 19, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
Something quite dramatic happened after 9/11.

Not just the understandable anger that followed the terrorist atrocity, and the human desire for revenge.

What also died on that tragic day was the reputation of the US media.

Blinded by grief perhaps, the US media, the champion of free press the world over rolled over and bared its throat to the top dog, the President of the United States.

Unlike most dogs, Bush then tore out its throat.

In the build up to the war and during ...
May 18, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
This week in Camodia, a judge heard the case of a woman accused of murdering her two nieces.

When arrested she was found in possession of the gold earrings of one of her nieces.

The prosecution argued that the woman had lured her two nieces into the jungle on a pretence of having a picnic, whereupon she murdered the young pair for the earrings.

A novel twist on babes in the wood perhaps.

In her defence, the Cambodian woman argued that while in the jungle, a demon spirit possessed on...
May 17, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
President Musharraf of Pakistan has today called on religeous clerics to review of both the Blasphemy law and the strict Hudood law.

The Hudood law covers crimes of adultery and rape.

Under this law, a rape victim has to produce four witnesses in court to confirm her assault, otherwise she can be tried on charges of wilful adultery while the rapist goes free.

Presumably a woman that has been gang-raped by ten men needs up to forty witnesses otherwise she has commited ten counts of wilfu...
May 17, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
As many commentators supsected before a bullet was fired the US never had an exit strategy for leaving Iraq. This was for the simple reason that they intended to stay. The stationing of US troops in Saudi that so affronted Osama were to be withdrawn and stationed instead in Iraq. The oil produced in the compliant, stable  and grateful Iraq would pay for the war, feed the guzzling, obese US economy and reward handsomely those US construction companies that had paid for contracts. Those same US co...
May 16, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
Dear all,

Those that have read me in the past will know that I thoroughly disapprove of the poorly planned, immoral and criminally incompetent schoolboy adventure in Iraq.

Sadly everything that I predicted has come to pass, as any half-witted poorly educated idiot with just enough brain cells to scrape over a very thin wafered water biscuit could see from the beginning.

I have been furious at the systematic torture and murder of helpless detainees in US custody.

I have been asha...
May 14, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
In the first part of this series I examined how the deliberate disregard for the law in the US was directly responsible for the abuse, humiliation, torture and murder of helpless prisoners in its  charge, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Guatanamo. I had originally decided to extend this theme to consider events away from Iraq to see how decisions mad by both the Bush administration and earlier governements had further undermined the US claim to moral legitmacy and its standing in the eyes ...
May 12, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
'Okay there General Fuckup.'

'Morning Mr.President sir!'

'At ease soldier, now what's all this ah hear about our boys in Eye-rack having a little well deserved R&R?'

'Uh, you probably mean the torturing sir'

'Torture General? What's that then Fuckup?'

'Uh, when we attach electrodes to someones genitals sir, or beat them to death, or make them wear womens panties.'

'Wearing womens panties eh General? That's torture? Ah kinda like to wear womens....'

'Er, that's perhaps as may...
May 9, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
The horrific photographs released over the last few days that have stunned the entire world mark a new depth to which the reputation of the US has sunk.

With promises of more and worse evidence of systematic abuse, torture and murder to come , it is no exaggeration to say that the war which the US was always struggling to win has now irredeemably been lost..

As if this wasn't bad enough, with all the focus on these dreadful pictures of jubilant US soldiers revelling in their sick humiliati...
May 7, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
We're all stuck in a hierarchy where the strongest rules, right?

Might is right, ignorance is strength and if you disagree I'll punch your lights out.

For millennia people have lives in a subservient way bowing down to some superior or other.

People need to be ruled, they cannot imagine a life without it, force is good.

Violence protects, people respect violence -  that's why we should all carry guns, the ultimate leveller.

Now every noodle armed choirboy can be as violent as the...
May 7, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
In the post 'Vietnam and Iraq - a comparison, Daginol stated the following:

'Uh, do you even know why we're in Iraq?

Why we invaded? To remove Saddam Hussein. He's gone. Victory has long been achieved. The mission as accomplished a year ago. The US can't "lose" because we have Saddam in costody'

I would like to quote the US president back to Daginol:

When asked about his apparently premature 'Mission accomplished' speech of May 1st 2003, Bush replied 'A year ago, I did give the...
May 5, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
'General Fuckup with the latest sitrep from Eye-rack Mr President Sir!'

‘Hey, Fuckup! Don’t stand on ceremony call me Chimp, everybody else does! Can’t think why. Eeeek!

‘Er, begging your pardon sir?’

‘What’s that General?

‘Um, I thought you just thought you went, sorta, kinda, well Eeeeek! Sir begging your pardon sir!’

‘What me? No sir! Have you got any bananas by the way General?

‘No, sir Mr.President, I have no bananas.’

‘Right then, that’s okay, what have you got for me ...
May 3, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
Dear all,

This week, hundreds of Vietnam veterans will make their way to the small town of Dien Bien Phu to remember their fallen comrades.

Dien Bien Phu was the site of a seminal battle, a battle that was to signal the end of the French empire the world over.

It was fought between the Viet Minh and the French, and recieves little attention despite its enormous significance.

The Viet Minh were lead by Ho Chi Minh, who was later to inflict such terrible damage on the American occupier...
May 1, 2004 by valleyboyabroad

Bluetooth is a way of getting computer devices to talk with each other over small distances using a short range radio frequency.

Sounds complicated, but it really is simple to use.

Basically, you simply turn on the blutooth 'radio' on say your hand held device, be it a palm pilot, mobile phone or perhaps if you're particularly sad, your portable printer.

When another device in the area comes into range, a little icon pops up and with a simple click or tap of a stylus, the two ...
April 30, 2004 by valleyboyabroad
According to a New York times/CBS poll, Americans are becoming increasingly critical about the way that Bush is handling the war in Iraq.

Now let me point out here first that when it comes to polls they can be mean many things.

There's one US poll out today fopr example that says terrorism has decreased over the last year (good job Bush) and another one released by the Japanese that says terrorism has increased by 30% (bad job Bush) over the last twelve months so take your pick.

But the...